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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees
Each family will receive monthly tuition statements. Payments are due on the 1st of every month. Tuition payments may be sent with your child or turned in at the school office. You are responsible for getting a receipt for cash payments. Payments received after the tenth day of the month will be assessed a $30 late fee. Late fees will not be waived. Unpaid tuition accounts are considered delinquent one month after they are due. Class attendance for your child/children could be withheld until such payments are current or payment arrangements have been made. Families who are experiencing temporary financial difficulty are expected to contact our Bookkeeper at (714) 545-8185, to make arrangements for payment. These arrangements will be considered binding.
Each family is required to pay their tuition through FACTS Management. For more information about FACTS, visit the FACTS link under PARENTS.
School of Our Lady assesses a yearly registration fee of $150.  If the child(ren) is/are registered by March 11, 2018  the fee will only be $100.  
“Me gusta la disciplina y los valores que como católicos mis hijos están recibiendo.”
# of children Yearly Tuition Monthly Tuition
1 $5,250 $525.00
2 $9,800 $980.00
3 $13,475 $1347.50
4 $16,350 $1,635.00
5 $17,175 $1717.50