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Parent Participation


Parent participation is vital to a successful school program. A sense of joint responsibility shared by parents and teachers forms the basis of the Faith Community in which the child will be nurtured and will grow into a happy, responsible Catholic adult. A program that brings about successful parent- teacher interaction assures that the task of educating the child is a cooperative responsibility.
As one means of developing involvement in the school program, the Parent Association is coordinating and overseeing activities through which families can volunteer service to the school. During the school year, each family is expected to complete 45 hours of service to the school (five must be at the Fiesta). A charge of $25.00 per hour for unfulfilled service hours will be added to your tuition account. Service is done in the following manner:

•assist with school programs such as the hot lunch program.
•volunteer to help in the library.
•drive for the sports program and school field trips.
•assist your child's teacher with clerical work or in the classroom.
•assist with Health Room testing (eyes, ears, etc.)
•assist with picture day.
•assist with Volunteer Sign-Up on Fee Day.
•coordinate special programs (i.e. aluminum can drive, Campbell Soup labels, cereal boxtop collection, etc.)
•donate health room supplies.
•donate white and color copy paper - clean on both sides, etc.
•Assist with Parents' Association programs such as serving on the Parent Association Board as a chairperson.
•working at fund raising events.

Other ways of earning hours could be:
•donating baked goods for school bake sales.
•helping with class parties
•donating copy paper - 1 (one) box = 1 hour

Other service hours may be given with the principal's permission.
**All parent volunteers must be fingerprinted and must complete Shield the Vulnerable before they may work in the presence of children.